Romanian Organisation of Spas’ Owners  (ROSO – OPTBR in Romanian) was founded in 1993 having as main task to sustain the development  and the promotion  of the balneary tourism. Some main objectives :

- to represent the interests of its members in the relation with different third parties (authorities, associatio, other structures,etc.) on domestic and international level

-to promote the natural balneary  potential on domestic and international market 

- to sustain the development  of the relation with other associations and official bodies in order to create a better cooperation and a correct competition between all players in tourism, official bodies, local authorities, etc.

- to create and sustain  public-privat partnerships,  to promote projects for development of the sector using  European fonds or other financial sources

- to organize courses for qualification and specialization of the personell requested by the sector, including  management of units; to cooperate for elaborating studies and research courses for proving the benefits of the cure with natural factors, etc.


ROSO/OPTBR became member of the European Spa Association (ESPA)  in  2006; in 2008 was elected for the position as vicepresident in the Managing Board of ESPA; in 2016 was re-elected   till  2020 on the same position.The president of OPTBR, Mr. Nicu Radulescu has the position of vicepresident of ESPA. 

In order to develop the relation with other involved structures, ROSO/OPTBR signed Agreements and Partnerships with : the Romanian National Institute for Balneology, the Association of Mayers from the Spa Towns, the National Association of Travel Agents,  the National Association for Rural, Cultural and Ecological Tourism,  the Romanian Association for Balneology, Amfiteatru Fondation, etc.

As main activities:  organizing of seminars and conferences, courses for qualification, printing  materials (maps, catalogs, newsletters, etc.) , participation at domestic and international tourism fairs and exhibitions; OPTBR attended an European project financed by the program POSDRU for qualification of    2200 persons, in 13 different occupation in tourism, especially for the balneary sector.

ROSO/OPTBR was involved also in  another European project togheter with ESPA and other 7 countries, dedicated to promote the old spas, where  the Romans soldiers were cured by the natural factors. The oldest spa in Romania, Baile Herculane, as a spa attested since almost 2000 years and used by the Roman soldiers is promoted by this project.

 The main event organised by ROSO/OPTBR is the Romanian Market and Forum for Balneary Tourism ; it is organised once a year, at the end of September,  each time in another spa-resort ; it became an important event on the Romanian market ;

The 14th edition will take place in Covasna, September 19-22 2018.

 By the last election, in June 2017,  Mr Nicu Radulescu was re-elected as president  of the Organization; In the managing Board  are elected: as first-vicepresident : Mr. Mihai Handolescu, Govora, as vicepresiudents: Mrs. Daniela Tibeica, Brasov; Mr. Janos Fulop-Sovata; Mr. Ioan Nunteanu,  Slanic Moldoval; Mr. Florin Bazavan, Baile Herculane; Mr. Daniel Mitroi, Calimanesti-Caciulata.