Geographic position

The spa is located at 350m altitudes, on the southern side of Apuseni Mountains, at their meeting point with Mures Valley.

Natural curative factors

Mesothermal mineral waters

fortifying climate. Temperature by ther quelle ; 29-30 degrees C and mineralisation: 1-1,5mg/l

Therapeutic prescriptions

Degenerative, inflammatory, abarticular rheumatic affections, posttraumatic affections

Gynecologic diseases

Peripheral Nervous System ailments

Dermatological diseases

Asthenia neurosis

Professional diseases

Renal affections

Associated ailments: endocrine, nutritional and metabolic affections.


Acute febrile disease

Cardiac insufficiency,




By car: Sibiu-Deva-Arad (E60, DN7) up to the crossroad Geoagiu halt, and then, another 16km up to the resort;

By train: Geoagiu Halta, Orastie, Simeria stations, then, by bus up to the spa

By plain: Sibiu airport.

Historical information

The curative value of the mineral waters is known from our ancestors` times. After colonization, the Romans built the watering places, by catching the spring waters through terracotta pipes. At the beginning of the 20th century people built the first balneary establishments, for mineral waters to be used systematically.


The climate is tonic, fortifying, no extreme temperatures, mild winters and pleasant summers. The annual average temperature is 20 C. The Sun shines over 100 days a year.

Tourist attractions in resort:

The ancient Roman baths.

Treatment procedures

Mineral water thermal baths


Thermo therapy

Paraffin packing


Internal cure.

Mineral resources content

The hypotonic mineral waters contain: bicarbonate, calcium and magnesium. The spring waters` temperature is 29-30 C and the minerals` concentration is 1-1.5 mg/l.

Surroundings, tourist attractions

Deva (the feudal citadel, the History Museum, the citadel and the Roman mosaic from Vetel)

Hunedoara:, Huniazilor Castle

Sarmisegetusa Ulpia Traiana Museum

Hateg: Sântamarie Orlea, Sacel Castles

Strei and Densus churches

Orastie: Ethnography Museum.

Folkloric events

Girls` Fair on Gaina Mountain, every July

Clebration at Tebea, every September

Flkloric festival from Poienita Voinii, every August.

Arts and crafts

Sheepskin coats work and weaving.


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Vila Sanda