Geographic position

The spa is located on the western side of Romania, on Moneasa River, on the foot of Codru Moma Mountains, at 290m altitudes, 110km far from Arad. The spa is surrounded by a lovely landscape with peaks covered by forests, spelean phenomena, red marble and clear brooks.

Natural curative factors

Mesothermal mineral waters containing: bicarbonate, magnesium, calcium, sodium and oligominerals

Fortifying bio-climate (ionization).

Therapeutic prescriptions

Abarticular rheumatic affections

Degenerative rheumatic affections (cervical, dorsal and lumbar spondylosis)

Peripheral neurological affections (paresis, poliomyelitis sequels)

Nutritional, metabolic ailments (obesity, diabetes)

Gynecologic diseases.


By car: Arad -Moneasa (DN 709, DJ 762) and Brad-Moneasa (DN 76, DJ 762)

By train: Arad -Brad (Sebis Station)

Historical information

Moneasa is appreciated for its curative factors even from the Roman times. It is no doubt that they used the curative facilities of the waters.


The climate is moderate continental, with cool summers (20 C in July) and mild winters (-1.1 C). The annual average temperature is 9.5 C. The rainfalls quantity is 1000mm a year.

Treatment Procedures

Warm baths with mineral waters

Paraffin packing





Outdoors pools with mesothermal waters

Kino therapy

Massage and medical gymnastics.

Mineral resources content

The temperatures of the mesothermal mineral waters vary between 24 and 32 C.

Surroundings, tourist attractions

Arad: the citadel of Arad -the 15th century; the Serbian Church (1698), built in baroque style; the History Museum; Varsau Plateau (with the Bats` Cave and the Crystals` Cave)

Lipova: the Orthodox Church from the 17th century

Soimas: the citadel built in the 13th century; the rebels leaded by Horea, Closca and Crisan had battles right in front of this citadel in 1784.

Bodrog monastery was buit in 1177 and is one of the oldest clerical building in Romania. In the museum are to be visited : a rich peinture collection, manuscripts, religious objects.

Folkloric Festivals

Avram Iancu: the Festival from Tacasele, every June

Moneasa: songs, cloths and dances from Arad

Bichis: the Traditional Wedding from Bichis, every September

Halmagiu: the Fair of the Kiss

Bârzava: "Sânzienele".

Arts and Crafts

Barsa (traditional cloths and ceramics)

Barzava (ceramics center), Birchis -Capalnes (red ceramics and sheepskin coats)

Buteni ( red and black colored traditional cloths, sheepskin coats).

Gastronomic Specialties

Rolled minced meat in cabbage leaves, noodle pudding with cheese and sultana, "pogacele(traditional cakes served with "tuica-plum brandy), beef soup, pie with cabbage, cheese and nuts; goulash, paprika with dumplings, pork stews.