Geographic position

The spa is located at 435m altitudes, on the northeastern part of Bistrita Nasaud County, on the southern foot of Rodna Mountains, in a beautiful depression. On the northwestern side, it is surrounded by high hills, covered with coniferous and beech forests.

Natural curative factors

Carbon-gaseous mineral waters containing: bicarbonate, chlorine, sodium, magnesium, bromine, iodine;

mineral spring mud; mofette;

tonic, stimulating climate.

Therapeutic prescriptions

Digestive canal diseases (chronic gastritis, gastric ulcers, duodenal ulcers, colon disorders);

diskinesia, chronic cholecystitis, chronic hepatitis;

nutritional and metabolic diseases (diabetes, obesity);

associated ailments (rhinitis, sinusitis, allergien).


Any acute affection,

malign tumors,

venereal and other infectious diseases.


By car: Bistrita -Nasaud - Sângeorz Bai (DN 17D);

By train: Sângeorz Bai station: Ilva Mica-Rodna Veche; Ilva Mica station: Suceava-Vatra Dornei or Cluj-Ilva Mica; by bus: from Ilva Mica up to the spa.

Historical information

The documentary attestation of the city dates from 1245. "Baile Hebespa developed only at the beginning of our century. Then, the members of "Auroracompany give the mineral waters the name of the goddess Hebe, who was offering wine to the gods from Olimp. From those times on, the spa began to be visited due to its curative factors.


Due to its sub-alpine climate the summers are cool and the winters are cold. The annual average temperature is -6 C. The air is rich in ozone and forest aerosols. The annual average rainfalls quantity is 800mm.

Treatment procedures

Mineral baths, medicinal plants baths, gas bubbles baths, paraffin, mineral mud cataplasms, solux, solarium,


massage, medical gymnastics,

injections with mineral water, acupuncture,

fit therapy.

Mineral resource content

Mineral waters with 6-7 PH and CO2: 1-1.9 g/l; mineralisation 8-10g.

Surroundings, tourists` attractions

Traditional Art Museum from Nasaud;

"Liviu Rebreanu memorial House;

trips to the monasteries of Bucovina;

Bistrita Vineyard; the stud farm from Beclean, the ruins of Rodna citadel;

trips to Rodna Mountains.

Gastronomic Specialties

Traditional beef soup, noodles soup, minced meat balls soup, noodles soup, minced meat rolled in cabbage leaves, cabbage a la Cluj, minced meat rolls, traditional food made of beans -"iahnie


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