Geographic position

The spa is located in the eastern part of Turda city, at 360m altitudes, in a depression surrounded by a few heights covered by forests. The resort is 30km far from Cluj -Napoca.

Natural Curative Factors

" Therapeutic mineral mud (peat mud)

" Hyper-saline chlorine-sodium mineral waters.

Therapeutic Prescriptions

" Pre-arthrosis symptoms, preventive pre-arthrosis treatment

" Allergy after active or infectious articulator rheumatism

" Degenerative rheumatism

" Peripheral Nervous System affections

" Gynecologic disease.


All types of infectious diseses, affections of the circulatory system.


" By car: DN 15, E 60 at 30 km far from Cluj -Napoca and 75 km from Târgu Mures;

" By train: Câmpia Turzii Railway Station;

" By plain: Cluj - Napoca and Târgu Mures airports

Historical information

In Roman times, the colony named Potaissa developed a lot due to the salt mines working. The town named Turda was documentary attested in 1705. Nowadays, Turda is the result of the small mediaeval settlements unification. The Salt Baths, also named "The Salt Mines from Turda" are settled on 15 lakes. The lakes formed by ceilings` crumbling and inundation of the salt mines galleries.


The climate is temperate-continental; the hills protect the spa from draughts.

Treatment Procedures

" Warm mud packing

" Baths in pools or tube-basins

" Plants baths

" Galvanic baths

" Solarium electrotherapy and Kino therapy

" Massage.

Mineral Resources Content

Hyper-saline mineral waters containing: sodium, chlorine, sulfur, bicarbonate, calcium, magnesium and a little iodine. T.36-37 C.

Surroundings, tourist attractions

" Turda Salt Mines attract tourists by its musical auditions and by natural aerosols cures. Other tourist` objectives are: Turda Zoo,

" Cheile Turzii Chalet, at 16 km from Turda, to the eastern part of Cheile Turzii Reservation from Trascau Mountains, at 450m altitudes.

" At 1385 m altitude, Muntele Baisorii Alpin Hotel* is the attraction point for those who love winter sports.