General information

The Spa resort Baile Tusnad - named also "The Pearl of Ardeal" -is one of the most beautiful resort in the country. It is located at 650 m altitude, on a magnifcent gorge of the Olt river, in the souther part of Ciuc Depression, between the Harghita and Bodoc mountains.

In the eastern part of the resort aree located two natural phenomena : the Lake Saint Ana - a volcanic origin lake, unique in Europe, and the natural rezerve Mohos with rare plant species.

Natural curative factors

Carbo-gaseous, chlorosodic, bicarbonated mineral waters.


Fortifying and stimulating sub-alpine climate, with cool summers.

Therapeutic prescriptions

The Spa is recommended for treatment of central nervous system, the urinary system, cardiovasculary diseases and associated diseases; modern facilities for treatment with mineral waters, galvanic baths, parraphine packing, moffetes.

Cardiovasculary ailments (after infarct, circulatory disorders, highblood presure,circulatory disorders.

Disorders of the nervous system (aestenia, neurovegetative disorders,, secundary astenia, physische weeknes.

Digestive aliments, stomach, cronic gastritis, enterocolitis, diskinezia

Hypertiroidy, Basedow illness

Tumoral formations, acute articular rheumatism, cardiac insuficiency, thyroidic affection


By car: Bucharest-Brasov (E60)-Miercurea Ciuc (DN12) at 67 km far from Brasov, 37 km from Sf. Gheorghe, 32 km from Miercurea Ciuc.

By train: Tusnad station (Bucharest-Baia Mare train).

Geographic position

The spa is located in the southern part of the Harghita Mountains, on the left side of the Olt River at 650 m over the sea level, in a wonderful position on the Olt valley. Due to its position, the air is highly pure and with negative ions. The climate is tonique, recommended for phychishes diseases.

Historical information

The spa, also called "The Pearl of Ardeal", is one of the most beautiful spa resorts of our country. This is an ideal place to spend your holiday in every season. The spa has been medically exploited since the second half of the 19th century. In 1968, Baile Tusnad was declared tourist town.


The climate is moderate sub-alpine, with cool summers and cold winters. The annual average temperature is 6 C (16C in July and -6C in January). The quantity of rainfalls is 860-900mm a year. The winds are moderate, the resort being protected by the mountains that surround it.

Surrounded by secular fir trees, the resort offers fresh air, ozone, aerosols, negative ions.

Treatment procedures

Fortifying, vitalizing therapy.

Medical treatments: cardiovascular - CO2 baths, mofettes, galvanic baths, massage, rheumatic- paraffin packing, plants baths, massage, neurological - magneto-diaflux, ionization, gymnastics, digestive- mineral water cure, reflex massage, endocrine- magneto-therapy, gymnastics, massage, internal cure, climate therapy.

Mineral resource content

Stanescu Spring: flow capacity: 405 l/h, T. 7 C, pH 6.2. They are natural carbo-gaseous, hypotonic waters containing: bicarbonate, sodium, calcium and magnesium.

Apor Spring: flow capacity: 7200 l/h, T. 7 C, pH 5.3; they are natural, carbo-gaseous, hypotonic waters containing: iron, chlorine, bicarbonate, sodium and calcium.

Mikes Spring: flow capacity: unlimited, T. 14 C, pH 5.6. They are natural, carbo-gaseous, hypotonic waters, containing: a little iron, chlorine, bicarbonate and Treatment prescriptions.

Cardiovascular affections and associated ailments: rheumatic, nervous, digestive and endocrine ones. sodium.

Surroundings, tourists

" Miercurea Ciuc (30km): Miko Citadel, the Ethnographic Museum, the baroque church of Sumuleu (35km), with one of the biggest organ installation in Ardeal;

" the Red Lake (115 km), the largest natural barrage in Romania,

" Santa Ana Lake (20 km), the only one in Central Europe which is formed on a volcanic crater;

" Mohos preserve (1056m), with rare plant species, nearby Santa Ana Lake.

" Balvanyos: the ruins of Balvanyos citadel, the Birds` Cemetery (precipice with sulphurated hydrogen emanation);




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